Shape Process Automation (SPA) is gearing up for Automate 2024, North America’s largest robotics and automation event, happening May 6th-9th in Chicago, IL. This year, we’ll be showcasing two of our automation solutions designed to help you revolutionize your manufacturing processes.

Experience the Latest Innovations:

  • Robotic Pick-and-Place Technology. See the agility and adaptability of our next-generation pick-and-place systems first-hand. From delicate food handling to heavy-duty industrial applications, SPA’s automation ensures speed, precision, and reduced labor costs.
  • Advanced UHP Waterjet Processes. Discover the versatility of waterjet technology. Our UHP waterjet systems tackle diverse tasks, including machining, removing ceramic shells from castings, and MRO coating removal. This clean, efficient process replaces multiple steps, streamlining operations and saving you time.

SPA is a global leader in robotics, automation, and waterjet technologies, and we are thrilled to demonstrate our cutting-edge solutions at Automate 2024. By collaborating with leading manufacturers, we are pioneering the future of automation. While robots are already renowned for boosting productivity, we see opportunities to take those improvements to the next level. That’s where our Aftermarket Services come in – helping you maximize the value of your automation investments.

Simon Kenworthy, Global President at SPA

Maximize Your ROI with Aftermarket Services

Don’t let the benefits of automation stop after your initial project. SPA’s Aftermarket Services ensure you continue to see value from your investment. Our team of experts offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize your operations and reduce your total cost of ownership.

We go beyond parts supply. We provide the training your team needs and partner with you to improve processes, increase uptime, and reduce maintenance costs. One key area of support is helping you choose the right consumables for your operations. Our interactive ROI calculator helps you uncover hidden savings in waterjet cutting. 

Experts will be available in our booth to discuss ways we can support your planned projects long-term or help you optimize an existing process.

Pushing The Limits of Automation

Our automation experts are eager to discuss your specific needs and help you develop solutions that optimize your processes for maximized efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Fill out this form to schedule a personalized one-on-one discussion with one of our experts and discuss how SPA’s Aftermarket Services can help you achieve your long-term manufacturing goals.

Don’t miss us at Automate 2024 in booth 4415! Register for FREE here.

Mark Slade

Aftermarket Business Development Manager

Shape Process Automation

Simon Kenworthy

Global President

Shape Process Automation