Robotic Router Trimming

Trim more parts per hour, reduce downtime, and improve safety.

Path Accurate Intensive Automation

Our robotic router cutting and router trimming systems are designed to help you trim more parts per hour, reduce downtime, and improve employee safety. These path intensive automated routing applications require knowledge of what it takes to create a reliable, repeatable, and flexible automated routing and router trimming solutions. 

Wondering if robotic router trimming is the right fit for you? We’re here to help.

Multi-robot scalable solutions
Efficient indexing tables to mask load and unload
Automatic tool center point recovery
User-friendly, intuitive software
Tool health monitoring and maintenance
Automatic tool change

Robotic Router Solutions –
Integrated Solutions.

We provide both robotic router cells as stand-alone, turnkey solutions and complete custom robotic solutions that not only handle the router process, but also the material handing throughout your plant. From raw material to finished part; robotic material handling, and everything in-between.
  • Lightweighting for composites, automotive, or CFRP, or structural automotive parts
  • Lightweight corrugated composites
Class A body parts
  • Heavy duty and thin plastics
  • Marine decks and hulls
  • Jacuzzi, whirlpools, bath tubs
  • ORVs and jet skis
  • Fiberglass cutting
  • Instrument panel substrates
  • And more…

How Robotic Router Trimming Process Works: Fast Meets Efficient

The Automated Routing Process

A robotic router is a fast and efficient material separation process. A router bit is attached to a high-speed automated routing spindle and mounted on the end of a robot. The bit is then driven into a part for processing, guided by a robotic router head to trim the parts being processed.

Robotic Router Trimming Applications

Explore industries and applications.

Industrial Robotic Technology – Router Trimming

Shape Process Automation’s AccuTrim® R-Series router trimming robots easily process complicated three dimensional parts that trim presses or a CNC router can’t. Shape Process Automation’s robotic router systems can also produce more quality parts per hour than a CNC Router because tool changes, high speed air moves and fixture changeovers are accomplished more quickly and easily with our advanced 3D robotics.

Easy to Program Robotic Software

Robotic router solutions are typically path intensive, but that doesn’t mean that your programming needs to be. Our smart software solutions make programming your router solutions easy.

Automatic tool center point recovery
User-friendly, intuitive software
Tool health monitoring and maintenance
Auto-tool Change

AccuTrim® R-Series Router Trimming

Shape Process Automation’s AccuTrim® R-Series router trimming robots easily process complicated three-dimensional parts that trim presses or a traditional CNC Router can’t. Tool changes, high speed air movement, and fixture changeovers are accomplished quickly and easily with our advanced, 3D robotics. Accordingly, you can produce more quality parts per hour and improve overall operational efficiencies.

RoboTrim RT

The flexibility and throughout of the RoboTrim™ RT-1002 is what makes it Shape Process Automation’s most popular routing system. The RT-1002 can trim a variety of part sizes and materials. Typical part sizes are in the range of 36″ x 60″ x 18″ (914 mm x 1524 mm x 457mm), but others can be mounted to fit. It is ideal for trimming thermoformed, blowmolded, injection molded and rotational molded automotive, agricultural, and consumer goods products, among others.

The RT-1002 can be equipped with one or two wall-mounted robots. Its 10-foot rotating wall supports two fixtures, one on each side of the wall. Once a part is loaded onto the table and the operator moves from the trimming area to press the Cycle Start button, the part is indexed into the system to be trimmed. As the new part is rotated in, the trimmed part is rotated out to be unloaded.

Safety is our number one priority. Each RT-1002 system is equipped with a variety of safety features (such as light curtains or scanners) designed to separate the operator from the trimming area. This results in a safer and more ergonomic operating environment.

  • RT-1002
  • RT-2000
Part Placement for Automated Routing

In order for Robotic Routers to produce the highest quality cut, your part must be securely held during trimming using a well-engineered fixture. Fixtures can include: mechanical clamps, vacuum cups, and vacuum systems, including our RouterVac solution.

Designed for the highest level of productivity, the RouterVac Vacuum System not only secures your part, but also removes dust and chips during the router trimming process, including noxious and combustible materials.

Real Customer Experience

“As far as the cutout shape goes, the Offline Programming was dead on. These programs took one programmer about 8 hours to fine tune and it scrapped 5 parts. To create this program manually, it would take the programmer about 36-40 hours to write and fine tune into tolerance. Also, the manual way would probably scrap about 15-20 parts. In my opinion, the offline programs from Shape Process Automation was almost 100% accurate considering how much time it took to complete the program, how many parts were scrapped, and how far the TCP was from the target.”

– Jason Caroll, Robot Process Engineer at Johnson Controls

Your Cut. Our Router.

The Customer Solution Center (CSC)

Let us router cut your parts in our Customer Solution Center. We can qualify cycle times, confirm cut quality, and even perform short production runs.