Our Solutions

Technology + Automation Expertise

We’re committed to the consistent acceleration of manufacturing production. Every day we work to develop, evolve, and refine the various material processing technologies we work with – while also advancing the integration of automated solutions into production lines.


As your strategic automation partner, we always start with your specific manufacturing needs, and work collaboratively to develop the right solution for your business.

Tell us About Your Part


Robotic lasers cut to tight tolerances and with high accuracy.


Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process. Cut virtually any shape, and any material with a satin smooth edge.


Robotic router cutting and router trimming systems help manufacturers trim more parts per hour, reduce downtime, and improve employee safety.

Material Handling, Automation, & Testing

Material handling systems increase uptime and overall part quality by quickly loading and unloading parts and accurately placing them in the desired location.

Robotic Integrations & Capabilities

Complete factory automation solutions, improving production – from new system installations to integrating new automation into existing equipment.

Ultrasonic Knife Trimming & Deflashing

Our patented ultrasonic knife trimming technology combines the efficiency and simplicity of our standard 3D robotic systems with the latest and greatest sonic knife trimming technology.

Fixturing & Tooling

The right fixturing and tooling are essential to producing high quality cut parts. Our team at Shape Process Automation has more than 100 years of combined experience designing and building custom tool and fixtures.