Robotic Automation: The Smart Path from Part to Product.

Transforming material processing through advanced automation.
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Shape Process Automation

The future is automated.

Reimagine manufacturing with us.

Shape Process Automation is your global, high-tech engineering and process automation provider. We develop integrated manufacturing strategies and industrial automation solutions for Tier I and Tier II suppliers and beyond. Our comprehensive approach and the passionate team behind it are how we’re redefining manufacturing with robotic automation.

We take a holistic view of your manufacturing operations, designing and implementing the right production strategies and solutions to meet your needs. Our custom solutions are engineered to deliver long-term success and ultimate ROI, so your efficiency improvements create value well into the future.

Which Process is Best for Your Application or Material?

From laser, to waterjet, router, and beyond, we offer a wide variety of material processing solutions and help you determine the exact right fit for your application or material requirements.

Your Part. Our Proof.


We focus on more than process design, development, and integration. At Shape Process Automation, we believe it’s our responsibility to prove how our integrated robotic solutions will deliver the results you need – before you decide to partner with us.

Our exclusive Customer Solution Center (CSC) allows us to validate your part, process, and even complete R&D as needed to solve your most advanced manufacturing challenges. Our commitment to solve your needs is real. We’ll prove it.

Robotic Automation

Cut Quality

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Dimensional Tolerance

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Cycle Times

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Pre-Production Volume Runs

SPA Robotic Automation

Total Robotic Solutions, Easy to Use Software.

Software is the daily touchpoint that connects you to your automated solutions, so it’s critical that it works intuitively and effectively for your operators – every time. Shape Process Automation solutions are designed to be easy to use, easy to recover, and easy to maintain. Our intuitive software suite does the hard work behind the scenes with 30+ years of cutting software enhancements and specialty algorithms built in, so you get the most out of your automation from day one.

High Speed Path Accuracy       Confine Space Sharing with Multiple Robots       Macro Embedded Trimming Application Software

 High Speed Path Accuracy

 Confine Space Sharing with Multiple Robots

 Macro Embedded Trimming Application Software

Activate Industrial Robotic Automation.

We’re developing the manufacturing processes of the future – meeting high- speed, high-accuracy requirements – and pushing the limits of automation and robotics. We’ve been at the forefront of innovation in advanced manufacturing for decades, and we’re here to guide you as you make the transition to your connected manufacturing floor.

Your Strategic Factory Automation Partner.

We provide far more than processing solutions – we create long-term partnerships. We’ll engineer your integrated custom processing solution, designed to match your long-term vision – with support from our unparalleled team of application and industry specialists, available 24/7/365.

A Worldwide Network of Support, Expertise, and Innovation.

Shape Process Automation brings together a global network of teams to create our unrivaled combination of support, innovation, and industry expertise. We solve highly advanced, large-scale manufacturing production challenges for a wide variety of industries and robotic applications.


Real Customer Experience

“As far as the cutout shape goes, the Offline Programming was dead on. These programs took one programmer about 8 hours to fine tune and it scrapped 5 parts. To create this program manually, it would take the programmer about 36-40 hours to write and fine tune into tolerance. Also, the manual way would probably scrap about 15-20 parts. In my opinion, the offline programs from Shape Process Automation was almost 100% accurate considering how much time it took to complete the program, how many parts were scrapped, and how far the TCP was from the target.”

– Jason Caroll, Robot Process Engineer at Johnson Controls