Automated Solutions for Logistics, Warehousing & Ecommerce

Automation in the logistics space is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity. Increased consumer demand combined with the near limitless varieties of products and SKUs has pushed flexible automation to the forefront.

We understand the complexities of automating existing and new delivery centers from labor shortages/turnover to the ever-present health and safety challenges being faced. From inbound materials to outbound shipment, we create solutions that will optimize your facility and operations.


Let’s collaborate and automate your fulfillment center so it can keep pace with the ever-increasing market demands.

Case Packing


The near limitless variety of products/SKUs makes this task particularly challenging for warehousing and logistics companies. The task is redundant and requires speed and accuracy making it the perfect opportunity for a robotic solution. Robots can maintain the necessary throughput and accuracy of the process with no decrease in performance due to repetition or fatigue.

Case packing requires numerous employees and multiple shifts to maintain the throughput and address the health and safety concerns associated with the task repetition. Automating this process allows existing workers to be elevated to positions that provide more value and are better suited for humans.

Parcel Induction

Being able to singulate or sort mixed packages is a crucial process in any logistics or warehousing facility. As packages are randomly introduced, the ability to identify the pick points and communicate it to the robot for high-speed pick and place is paramount to accurately sorting and advancing the packages through to the next stage for proper processing.

Parcel induction via automation frees up existing staff for more value-added work, improving job satisfaction, reducing turnover and reducing stress injuries due to the repetitive nature of routine induction work.



Goods-to-person is all about efficiency. With the increasing number of SKUs growing, fueled by e-commerce growth, increased demands for just-in-time ordering, workforce inconsistency and availability, the need to work smarter and faster has become a necessity. Changing the model and bringing the goods to the picker vs. the picker walking to the goods allows for better ergonomics and increased productivity, in addition to being easily scalable and using a smaller footprint.

Automating this process with robotics improves it further with even greater realization of those benefits. Our solution identifies the pick points of randomly oriented items in a tote to allow a robot to accurately identify and pick them. It then verifies placement into the proper order and addresses errors by issuing robot commands to reposition errant items.

Parcel Induction Quality Control

Quality control was once the exclusive domain of humans but today, with integrated software and vision solutions, this process too, can be automated, leaving the humans free from such tedious tasks and able to focus on more value-added work.

Using 2D/3D cameras the system can identify if the package meets the necessary requirements prior to being sorted. This quality control allows any that fail to pass inspection to be rerouted away, preventing any mis-sorts.

Automated Tote Handling


An automated tote handling solution offers a much higher level of overall efficiency. Robotic tote handling delivers increased reliability, higher throughput, reduced long-term costs and ergonomic improvements that enhance workplace safety.

Full Service & Support

Our global service and support teams are here to support you for the lifecycle of your solution. Our partnerships with customers are long-term, and whether we are delivering OEM replacement parts, on-site service, training, or programming, we are committed to maximizing your business performance.