Ultrasonic Knife Trimming & Deflashing

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Advanced Technology Meets Ultrasonic Knife Trimming

Shape Process Automation’s radial compliant knife technology uses the efficiency and simplicity of our standard 3D robotic systems to improve the quality and repeatability of traditional trimming technology. Accurately following the contour of the part linearly, along the flash line and regardless of part shrinkage, our proprietary technology allows for unparalleled part consistency. This technology provides blow and injection molders with a 3D knife trimming solution that offers total flexibility in material processing over a typical ultrasonic knife cutting machine application.


Wondering which technology is the right one for you? We’re here to help.

Compliant Knife Technology
Unparalleled Flexibility + Reliability
Ultrasonic Knife Trimming Systems
Solutions for Both Soft + Hard Materials

Deflashing, Demystified.

Choosing the right process for your deflashing application is not always a straightforward decision. It takes an understanding of the unique properties of the part material to decide which process is best for your material type and what tool will deliver the best results. Variables like part complexity, pressure requirements, and path programming can all affect results.

Applications Support

  • At Shape Process Automation, we remove uncertainty from your decision-making process. With over 30 year of multifaceted experience, we are uniquely positioned to match your unique requirements with the right tools for the job.
  • We proudly partner with industry-leading robot suppliers, allowing us to deploy the latest technologies – like automatic tool changers, compliant tooling, and force sensing devices.
  • Experience the very best in path accuracy, repeatability, and flexibility – and unmatched consistency in part quality time and time again.

Complete Knife Technology

Our compliant knife technology gives manufacturers the ability to process parts quickly, easily and safely with a knife cutting machine solution that is flexible, reliable and easy to use

We also offer complete ultrasonic knife trimming systems, ideal for trimming soft materials like rubber, soft plastics, foam and leathers that can’t easily be cut with a compliant knife.

Laser Cutting Applications

Automotive, consumer goods, recreational vehicles, general industry, and more.

Our Project Management Team is Your Team.

Our skilled project managers are your personal point of contact, overseeing your entire project from engineering through implementation.

Strongly focused on communication, they manage the quality, expectations, scope, schedule, and budget, working together with your cross-functional teams and stakeholders to ensure your project is successful and delivers in all areas as expected.

Industry Partners

Our systems and solutions combine deep application knowledge, world-class engineering standards, and quality fabrication. You expect the best, and so do we. Accordingly, we’re proud to partner with the following automation industry leaders.

Shape Technologies
Shape Technologies
Shape Process Automation Celebrates 50 years
Rockwell Automation
Plus One Robotics
IPG Photonics

Proof of Concept to Testing.

Our Customer Solution Centers offer pure and abrasive waterjet cutting systems using up to 94,000 psi UHP technology, a wet router, a 4kw fiber laser, and a 650w CO2 laser. High speed camera and optical measurement equipment is also available on request.