Customer Solution Center

It all starts with you.

Innovations. Process Improvements. Solutions.

Our Customer Solution Center is purposefully designed as a state-of-the-art resource for you. 

Pushing the limits of robotics takes advanced process knowledge, applications expertise, technical ability and engineering, and testing.

The Customer Solution Center is fully stocked with robust production equipment, advanced R&D solutions, and a team of support engineers who understand automation, manufacturing, and the intricacies of material processing.


The Customer Solution Center hosts a large fleet of leading-edge production intent equipment.

Prototyping and R&D with Expert Input

Work with our expert team to develop process or part R&D solutions, or prototype new or advanced materials.

Prove out production processes prior to installation.

We develop the process and confirm cut quality, dimensional tolerances, and cycle time. Complete pre-production volume runs to validate your process and parts.

Run production on our equipment.

If you have downtime or capacity concerns, we can be your second facility for short production runs.

Industrial Automation & Process Experts –
At Your Service.

Our customers work in highly advanced industries where staying up on the latest trends and materials is of the utmost importance. Accordingly, our team is dedicated to understanding best practices, industry trends, and market intelligence for even the most advanced industries.

Which Process is Best for Your Application or Material?

From laser, to waterjet, router, and beyond, we offer a wide variety of material processing solutions and help you determine the exact right fit for your application or material requirements.

Our Comprehensive Catalog of Advanced Production Equipment:

  • 3KW Fiber Laser with Newton robotic cutting technology
  • 650W CO2 Laser Robot with straight cutting head and galvo scanning cutting technology
  • 90K and 60K Waterjet cutting robots
  • Wet / Dry Router cutting robot with auto tool changing and explosion proof exhaust
  • Compliant and Ultrasonic Knife robot
  • Pick-Pack-Pal material handling robots
  • Robotic Machine Vision Lab
  • Robot-Driven Faro 3D Optical Dimensional Part Scanner for quality control
  • High-speed Camera with Laser Light Lamination
  • Optical Microscope with CMM software

Shaping the Future

The future of manufacturing includes automation, IoT, deep learning, predictive analytics, AI, and more. As an industry, we’ve only just begun to design the connected future in manufacturing. Shape Process Automation is committed to driving the industry forward and pioneering the next advancements in industrial robotics.