Waterjet Cutting ROI Calculator: Sapphire vs. Diamond Orifices

Sapphire's lower material cost may seem promising, but what's the real cost at your facility? Dive in to find out.
Pre-filled values are based on estimated values for a single waterjet, make adjustments to fit your application to calculate your savings.

Line Rate per Hour (Value of line uptime)

High Pressure Sapphire Orifice Variables

Sapphires typically last 60-80 hours

Total number of Sapphire Orifices used in 12 months*



Average downtime per Sapphire Orifice Change


High Pressure Diamond Orifice Variables

Diamonds typically last 4,000-6,000 hours

Total number of Diamond Orifices used in 12 months*



Average downtime for correcting plugged Diamond Orifice


Plugged Diamond Orifice events per year

Annual Operating Cost for Sapphire

Annual Operating Cost for Diamond

Cost Savings for First Year



Break Even Point

Potential Ongoing Annual Cost Savings

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