Technology advancements shown at Automate 2023 included a demo of robotic pick-and-place technology able to adapt instantly to process variability, ultra high pressure waterjet processes capable of replacing several processes with one, and a laser-cutting system able to reduce cycle time by nearly 70%.

These demonstrations illustrated how Shape Process Automation can enhance manufacturing efficiency and productivity across industries. 

Automate was a great show, especially for SPA. Our business continues to grow in Automotive, Aerospace, Food and Beverage, and General Industries. We’re delighted and happy to have been an exhibitor at the show, and the turnout here in Detroit was excellent. I get extremely excited at the market, the industries that we serve, the people who work here at Shape Process Automation, and really what our future holds. Thank you Detroit, for having us at Automate.

Nino LaDua, CEO of Shape Technologies, and President of Shape Process Automation 

Robotic Pick-And-Place Technology

We presented an impressive demonstration of our robotic pick and place technology, showcasing the capabilities of Shape Process Automation’s solutions. Our innovative automation solutions for the food industry cover the entire process, from processing to palletizing, offering a comprehensive approach to optimizing manufacturing operations. You can achieve quick, safe, and consistent results while reducing labor requirements and increasing production line speed and efficiency. By embracing our forward-looking automation solutions, you can effectively meet the evolving demands of consumers while streamlining your operations for enhanced productivity and profitability.

UHP Waterjet Processes

The captivating demonstration of UHP (Ultra-High Pressure) Waterjet processes highlighted the versatility of waterjet blasting in various applications, including machining, ceramic shell/core removal, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) coating removal. With its unique capabilities, high-pressure waterjet blasting proves to be the ideal solution for efficiently removing ceramic shell and core from investment, lost wax, or plaster castings across different materials. This clean, safe, and repeatable process is highly effective for aluminum, steel, titanium, and superalloys. Notably, Shape Process Automation’s UHP Waterjet processes offer the advantage of replacing several individual processes with a single one, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.

NEWTON Breakthrough Robotic Laser Cutting Technology

The laser cutting demonstration at the Automate trade show was nothing short of impressive. Our innovative NEWTON laser technology integrated with FANUC robots provides never-before-seen cutting speeds and unparalleled dimensional accuracy, and revolutionizes laser cutting on materials like UHSS, hydroform, and aluminum parts. Compared to traditional robotic laser cutting processes, our solution offers exponential reductions in capital costs, increases part throughput, and ensures superior dimensional quality. Cycle-time reduction compared to a typical 6-axis articulated cutting robot is nearly 70 percent. This demonstration was a testament to the game-changing potential of robotic laser cutting technology, providing manufacturers with a highly efficient and precise solution.

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See you at Automate 2024

We will be exhibiting at Automate next year May 6th – 9th in Chicago, IL. We hope to see you there!