Shape Process Automation Announces the Acquisition of Evomatic AB

This transaction represents a strategic initiative for Shape Process Automation in Europe while complementing our product portfolio in North America

Ronneby, Sweden June 1, 2022 – Shape Technologies Group of Companies (SHAPE), have completed the acquisition of Sweden based robotic and custom automation integrator Evomatic AB in Karlshamn. Evomatic will join Shape Process Automation Group (SPA), which has a global presence in automation solutions with highly differentiated capabilities in high speed, path intensive, trimming applications and custom flexible automation systems.

This strategic acquisition allows for two like-minded strong entrepreneurial driven companies to join forces while continuing to offer specialized cutting process technology and customized robotic automation solutions that streamline production in industries such as Automotive, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods and Life Science.

Evomatic AB was founded in Karlshamn, Sweden in 1998 by current CEO Jonas Persson, who has led the organization through tremendous growth.

” With facilities in Karlshamn and Lidköping, Sweden, this acquisition will support SPA’s strategic plan in targeting growth in sectors outside of Automotive in the Europe markets,” said Nino LaDuca, President of Shape Process Automation Group.

The SPA presence in Europe with current locations in Ronneby and Lille, France will now strengthen as we welcome Evomatic’s dedicated and ambitious team members to SPA.

” Our companies combined have deployed close to 4,000 robots to factories based in Europe. We are now broadening through this acquisition and our companies will benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience in our different markets. We will strengthen our European presence in providing automated solutions”, says Per Josefsson, Managing Director of SHAPE Technologies Europe.

” We see several benefits in meeting the challenges of the future together. We will be an even larger industrial company with twice as many employees with unique skills. In addition, Evomatic will become part of Shape Technologies Group’s worldwide network, which is very exciting”, says Jonas Persson, current CEO and owner of Evomatic.

Nino LaDuca, CEO of Shape Process Automation Group, Jonas Persson, former CEO and owner of Evomatic, now Vice President and Business Developer and Per Josefsson, CEO of SHAPE Technologies Europe.

About Shape Technologies Group
At Shape Technologies Group (SHAPE) we are devoted to a single goal: delivering innovative manufacturing process solutions that propel our customers to success. SHAPE is a strategic ecosystem of companies that provides an extensive portfolio of manufacturing process solutions to customers around the world. The core technology of SHAPE was founded on high-pressure waterjet cutting, cleaning, and surface preparation. Today, SHAPE’s offerings span automated assembly, material handling, software, process control, robotic motion systems, ultrahigh pressure cutting and cleaning, aftermarket parts, and extensive support. The Shape Technologies Group includes Shape Process Automation (SPA), KMT, Flow International, APS, Aqua-Dyne, Aquarese, H2O JET, RPS and Tops.

About Shape Process Automation
Shape Process Automation has been providing process cutting solutions since 1972 and is a globally recognized integrator of robotic systems. We design & build flexible solutions from material handling and assembly applications to advanced materials cutting with robotic laser, router, knife and waterjet processes.

With over 12,000 installations, in more than 70 countries, we use our expertise to help you choose the right process for your application. Whether your needs are met with one of our standard solutions or one that is custom engineered to order, our dedicated team of industry experts bring innovation and state-of-the-art technology to every challenge. Together, with our global resources and dedicated customer support, Shape Process Automation is a respected choice to partner with for integrated robotic automation.

  • Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA
  • Ronneby, Sweden
  • Burlington, Canada
  • Lille, France
  • Gimhae, S.Korea

About Evomatic AB
Evomatic is one of Sweden’s sharpest automation companies. They focus on automotive, food, life science and general industry that needs custom robotic automation and production equipment for various forms of manufacturing, picking, packing and wrapping.

Evomatic delivers to industrial customers both in Sweden and abroad. Today the company employs about 90 people, with offices in Karlshamn and Lidköping in Sweden.

Press contact

Europe and Asia
Hanna Marcolin, Market Coordinator, Shape Process Automation Europe


North America
Lauren Ciampichini, NA Marketing Manager, Shape Process Automation