New Advancements in Robotic Laser Cutting

The attached presentation was prepared and delivered by Christon Manzella for the 2019 GDIS Symposium. GDIS (Great Designs in Steel) is an annual event hosted by the AISI ( In this presentation, Christon shares his knowledge and experience on...

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Why Automate?

Why Automate? Robots have long been a standard topic of conversation in manufacturing circles but recently they are turning up in the news, magazines and everywhere online. The topics range from capabilities, the future of robotics, everyday utility and the ever...

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Waterjet Cutting 101

Having one tool that cuts everything from tissue paper to metal to ceramic used to be a shop floor dream. The evolution of waterjet technology has not only made such versatile cutting possible, it’s becoming more common and even preferred to use waterjets on...

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