Jerome Debout

Director Operations, Aquarese

Mr. Debout is the Director of Operations for Aquarese in Douvrin, France. He ensures that all operations, from manufacturing to sales are executed efficiently and with reliability. As Aquarese specializes in processes for high end customers, Jerome is determined to produce and maintain high quality products, systems and relationships.

Mr. Debout has spent 18 years with Aquarese, as a project manager and an advanced service director. He is fascinated by the technology and processes and uses that curiosity to help solve the problems of his customers.

Mr. Debout holds an Engineering Degree with a specialization in Automatism and Manufacturing Processes.

Mr. Debout is the Director of Operation of Aquarese, a brand specialized on high pressure processes for high end customers. Part of the Shape Process Automation Group, he is responsible of the Aquarese plant in France (Douvrin) and ensure that Aquarese conceive, sale, manufacture and maintain its products with the best quality, efficiency and reliability.

Mr. Debout has 18 years of experience, all spend with Aquarese, mainly as project manager and advanced service director. Customer centric and fascinated by the technology and the processes, he can speak during hours about it and help customers to develop their added value or solves their challenges.

Mr. Debout holds an Engineering Degree in automatism and manufacturing processes.